Cyan, Magenta, Yellow Black

CMYK Inspired Blocks Launched

A fun set of heavily styled editor blocks to add some fun to your site.

We are pleased to introduce a range of CMYK inspired editor blocks. These component are heavily styled so should maintain the same styling in any WordPress theme.

Based on the CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) color model these blocks will bring some color to any theme.

CMYK Slider

Grid Posts – CMYK

Strongly Styled Monochrome Inspired Blocks

CMYK Grid Posts

CMYK Post List

CMYK Post Header

CMYK Teaser

CMYK Bookmark

List Posts – CMYK

  1. Strongly Styled Monochrome Inspired Blocks

  2. CMYK Grid Posts

  3. CMYK Post List

  4. CMYK Post Header

  5. CMYK Teaser

Post Header – CMYK

CMYK Inspired Blocks Launched

Me April 5, 2020

Post Teaser – CMYK

Bookmark – CMYK

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