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Choose from an ever-increasing collection of awesome WordPress blocks to elevate your site.

How to get Gutenplatz blocks.

Download the plugin.

Download the Gutenplatz plugin and install it on your WordPress site.

Register for an API key.

Register here for a free API Key.

Add your API key.

Add your API key to the Gutenplatz page in your WordPress site.

Download blocks.

Browse and download blocks from the Gutenplatz page in your WordPress site.

Quality WordPress Blocks

Why use Gutenplatz Blocks?

We have high expectations in terms of quality, and so should you! We focus on delivering a level quality which means our blocks work for everyone.

  • Self Contained

    All our blocks are self-contained and require no additional library or plugin other than our delivery plugin.

  • No Libraries

    None of our blocks add an additional CSS or JavaScript libraries to your WordPress build, reducing bloat.

  • Flexible Styling

    We provide both styled and unstyled blocks, giving you the option to style the blocks yourself or leave that to us.

  • Tested

    All our blocks are tested in all main browsers on the top 10 current most popular WordPress themes.

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